Saturday, 20 July 2013

Distinguishing Between Positive And Negative Leadership
Distinguishing Between Positive And Negative Leadership
If you are in a position of leadership, you have a duty to those following you. Leadership is not at all times a very good thing. Positive leadership in positive directions is a good thing. Never let leadership take on a negative connotation. If you would like to be a good leader, shoot for great results for you and your followers. It is vital to stay away from all that is negative in leadership, while striving toward the positive. But to make this happen you have to recognize each.

A proper analysis of the good traits that make up the best leaders must first begin with an understanding of what traits are usually found in terrible leaders. Individuals who tend to over-dramatize routine events tend to be terrible leaders. It is vital for people with these personality tendencies to give full attention to the good of others and to get over a self-centered nature. It is normal for a person with histrionic personality tendencies to have developed a habit of having every action and expression aimed toward gathering attention. The problem with such histrionic personalities is that they tend to create leaders who are keen on gaining attention than of leading others toward what need to be the most important goals of their leadership.

If you would like to see someone who has far worse leadership skills, watch a bully who has been given a leadership role. Evidently, leading and bullying are two different things. Bullies operate using intimidation, not by leading men and women from one situation to another one. The objective of bullying might be the same, but the method is the complete opposite. Bullies are pushers, not leaders.

It's only natural to wonder why folks don't learn from the mistakes of such poor leadership styles. It usually happens when one is misplaced in a leadership role without proper preparation. Many people, upon being thrust into such situations, react by holding more closely to their natural tendencies, as opposed to seeking to improve themselves.

Making yourself an even better leader begins with wondering about the traits of leaders. There are quite a few traits that are generally common to good leaders. It is likely you have already figured out that a positive approach to leadership is a very good kick off point, even if you can't list all of the good traits necessary for good leadership. A focus on self is seldom a positive attribute.

The best leaders are more interested in the well-being and successes of their groups than of themselves. Always have a sympathetic ear for those under your leadership. Excellent communication, focused on great results, is crucial for a leader. If you don't normally exhibit these traits now, you may come to wonder if you will fail as a leader. Anyone ready to become an even better leader can improve. Focus on better leadership capabilities with all your heart, and you will soon have the heart of a leader.

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