Sunday, 11 August 2013

Comparison of Different Types of Website Control Panel Software
Comparison of Different Types of Website Control Panel Software

There are numerous control panels available for aspiring webmasters, each with an unique feature set that sets it apart from the others. Having a control panel will make administration of a hosting server much easier and will virtually phase out the necessity to use Putty, or a similar program, to SSH into the server and change settings and run the server with commands via the command line. Since Linux Hosting services are the most popular, control panels available for Linux will be compared. The most popular control panels for Shared Hosting plans include cPanel/Web Host Manager (WHM), DirectAdmin, and Plesk, while most Virtual Private Server Hosting plans use Virtuozzo. For the most part, hosting companies will include the control panels as a part of the paid service, but some may charge extra fees to be able to have access to them. Again, most are only available exclusively on Linux, but Plesk is actually available on Windows as well. . . Just to get it out of the way, let us talk about the VPS control panel, Virtuozzo, first. Virtuozzo is created by a company called Parallels that cope with virtualization on machines. There are a lot of different access levels, from the carrier, to the customer, to an online store, which allows for administration access for a number of people, but will not give them permissions to do things they should not be doing. The interface is modern and easy to use, and gives access to virtually any setting or action that would be needed to be done at the user's access level. There is advanced resource management to allocate set levels of CPU, RAM, and I/O to various users based on how much they are paying for the service. For a basic consumer/user the software offers all that is needed to administer websites quickly and effectively. Virtuozzo is also available on Windows platforms for Windows VPS solutions, however it is not nearly as used, and has only been in use for a short amount of time, compared to the Linux version. . Now onto shared and dedicated hosting control panels. The first, Plesk, is actually owned by Parallels as well, but serves a different purpose compared to Virtuozzo. Plesk can be used on a variety of different hosting solutions, and a lot of different Linux distros. Automation of various tasks can be setup easily, and the number of options, settings, and statistics available is staggering. DirectAdmin is relatively lightweight, and not very well known, and is also a paid option. We do not really recommend using it, as there are better options. . Plesk is a fairly fantastic control panel, but is one upped by the well known and most popular control panel, cPanel. cPanel requires a paid license, but offers the easiest interface, easy installation applications, and has a lot of front end panels for various database modifications, domain additions, and so much more. It has been around for over fifteen years, and the team working on it has had a lot of experience working with Linux and web hosting. .


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