Sunday, 18 August 2013

Visit the beautiful Greek island of Aegina
Visit the beautiful Greek island of Aegina
Aegina is the largest island in the team known as the Argosaronic Gulf islands, and is an extremely popular destination for travelers throughout the year.

Located just an hours journey from Athens via the port of Piraeus, Aegina is a great place to visit, and makes a wonderful destination for a day trip or a short break. It is very popular with Athenians, and is a welcomed escape from the noise and stress of everyday city life.

Aegina is home to a number of beautiful and interesting towns and resorts, each of which has it’s own unique charm and magic. From the old town of Aegina, to resorts such as Souvala and Agia Marina, each part of Aegina has something to offer visitors.

There are some excellent beaches to be found around Aegina, and here you can enjoy swimming and relaxation during the hot summer months. Resorts such as that of Agia Marina are very popular during the summer season, and attract large numbers of visitors on a daily basis.

Aegina has some extremely interesting and important archaeological sites and places of interest, and you can gain an insight into the importance and historic heritage of Aegina by visiting these various sites. There are also some popular religious attractions on the island such as the famous church of Agios Nectarios, which attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year.

There is a great selection of restaurants and tavernas on Aegina where you can enjoy tasty meals and some local dishes and tastes. There are also many bars and bars where you can enjoy a relaxing drink. Aegina has a great nightlife, and during the summer, there is a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

For your accommodation in Aegina, you will find an excellent range of hotels and accommodation all over the island. From hotels to apartments and private villas, Aegina has a great selection of accommodation, and you can be sure that you can find the exact type of accommodation that you are looking for.

Travelling to Aegina is very easy. From the port of Piraeus in Athens, you will find frequent ferry services operating throughout the year. During the summer months, there are more frequent services to and from the island. If you are planning on visiting Aegina during August, it is advisable to try and prebook your ferry tickets in advance.

Whether you are looking for a holiday destination where you can simply unwind and relax, a treadmill where you can enjoy various activities and great entertainment, then Aegina is the ideal Greek island for you. If you are visiting Athens, it is a perfect destination for a day trip - allowing you to experience, for one day, the magic and beauty of the Greek islands.

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